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Contract Medical Writing Team

Susan has developed a network of many highly qualified medical writers, clinicians, and other medical professionals in many specialties. Because she has worked with these professionals over the years, she knows their personalities and abilities. For large projects, she can create a team that is well suited to the work. In addition to her team-building and project-management roles, Susan does much of the hands-on writing, editing, and reviewing.

Our consultants hold degrees from prominent centers of medical and scientific education, in fields including medicine, clinical epidemiology and pharmacology, and cancer biology, as well as biochemistry, organic chemistry, veterinary medicine, and other disciplines.

The writers and other biomedical professionals in Susan's network have diverse expertise in such areas as oncology, antiviral agents, synthetic sequencing, biosafety, regulatory affairs, data management, and biostatistics. Also contributing to the excellence of their work are their achievements and work experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Rounding out the list of consultants are skilled copy editors, graphic artists, document specialists, and medical illustrators who can turn drafts into final documents that are reader friendly, persuasive, and ICH compliant.

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