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Dr. Susan Caldwell

Susan Caldwell, Biotech Ink's president and principal medical writing consultant, earned her PhD in medical microbiology and immunology, and then had four years of postdoctoral training in human infectious diseases. She has worked as a laboratory scientist and medical writer in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries since 1987.

Following bench research in the biotechnology industry early in her career, Susan worked in several areas, including drug discovery, preclinical research, clinical development, process sciences, and drug and medical device manufacturing. She participated in numerous medical research projects, such as development of novel AIDS therapeutics; designed and managed clinical trials on diagnostic tests for infectious diseases; and conducted competitive intelligence research for various healthcare companies. At the same time, she developed a strong publication record in the peer-reviewed biomedical literature and presented her research at many national and international scientific conferences.

In 1995, Susan shifted her career path from laboratory research to medical and scientific writing, and never looked back. Since then, she has headed the medical writing department in a large pharmaceutical firm, three biotechnology firms, and a global clinical research organization. This experience familiarized her with a wide variety of biopharmaceutical and medical device documentation, including documents essential to drug, biologic, and device product development and marketing. In January 2005, she founded Biotech Ink, LLC.

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